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On-campus housing

Taiwan Tech has three on-campus dormitories which offer beds in shared rooms. Due to high demand and limited facilities, accommodation in on-campus dormitories can only be offered to local and international full-time degree students. Dormitories on Taiwan Tech campus are managed by the Office of Student Affairs and by a self-governing student committee. In addition to the dormitories on the Taiwan Tech campus, graduate students can also apply for two to four beroom suites  at the Hwa-Hsia University of Technology in the Nanshijiao, Zhonghe district (30 minutes by bus from Taiwan Tech).

Dormitory 1: Separate floors for male and female students; barrier-free two-person suites public bathrooms only, kitchen facilities are provided in the basement 

Dormitory 2:  For male students only; barrier-free three-person suites; 8-12 person-suite on the 15th foor; public bathrooms only;  no kitchen facilities 

Dormitory 3: For female students only; barrier-free three-person suites; in-room bathrooms; no kitchen facilities 

Individual rooms or apartments are not available. Most dormitory rooms are shared by four or six students and equipped with a bed, acabinet, a study table, and achair for each student. Bedding and any other items for personal use have to be brought by the student.

Further Information:

Rental fee per semester (2021) 

Student Handbook 2019 (Chapter 2, pp 14 -24): Dormitory Rules and Regulations