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Subsidies Conference Participation

Taiwan Tech students are encouraged to attend international academic meetings such as conferences/symposia/seminars etc. to present their research results and gain international experience. Students who are planning to attend an international conference, can apply with the National Science and Technology Council


  • NTUST Master’s and doctoral students enrolled in a full-time academic program who have been accepted by an international conference (symposium, seminar etc.)  to give a presentation 
  • The paper has to be presented for the first time
  • If the paper is by a group of authors, only one of the authors can be sponsored 


 Application has to be submitted at least two month before the scheduled conference date.

Required Documents

Application form (online), Abstract of the paper to be presented, confirmation of acceptance by the conference organizer, approval by NTUST supervisor


International Airfare (Economy Class); Conference registration fee

Please note that the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) application system is currently online available in Chinese. More detailed information on this program  is offered at NTUST Office of Research and Development (in Chinese).


Ms. Fu Wei-Fang, Office of Research & Development:  

email:  b10207@mail.ntust.edu.tw;  phone: 02-2737-6786

(For applications from the College of Engineering, College of Applied Sciences)

Ms. Chang Yu-Pei; Office of Research & Development: 

email: ypchang@mail.ntust.edu.tw;  phone: 02-2737-6297

(For applications from the College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, School of Management)

Ms.  Hsieh Wen-Hsien, Office of Research & Development: 

email: wenh16@mail.ntust.edu.tw;  phone: 02-2737-3141 #5211

(For applications from the College of Design, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)