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Health Care in Taiwan 

NHIThe Taiwan health care system offers high levels of care at very reasonable costs. The Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI) ensures every resident has access to quality and affordable medical care.

With over 92 percent of clinics and hospitals contracted to NHI, patients have a wide choice of doctors or hospitals to choose from. The comprehensive coverage includes both inpatient and outpatient care, prescription drugs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, dental services and home nursing care.

NHI enrolment is mandatory for all citizens and foreign residents, including foreign students who are enrolled in a full-time program at a Taiwan university (after a waiting period of 6 months).

Exchange students who are not covered by NHI, still have access to all public and private health care facilities, but have to check with their insurance companies which expenses will be covered.

Taiwan Tech runs an on-campus day clinic that offers free basic health care to all staff and students.

There are several clinics in the private sector which are specifically servicing the English-speaking expat population in Taiwan. Apart from English-speaking doctors, these institutions offer bills translated  into English.

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