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Although payment cards usage and penetration is quite high in Taiwan, and mobile and electronic payment systems are gaining popularity, cash is still used in most small shops, restaurants and markets.  As ATM machines can be found all over Taiwan, it is safe and convenient to use your ATM bank card to withdraw cash from your home bank account. You should have some Taiwan currency (New Taiwan Dollars) when you arrive in Taiwan to pay for transportation from Taoyuan International Airport to NTUST. You can also change U.S. dollars, Euros orother Asian currencies on arrival at the airport in Taoyuan. Please note that you have to declare foreigncurrencies (incl. HKD, MOP) of more than USD10,000 or its equivalent. For further information on custom's regulations, please check the Customs Administration website

Taiwan Cash

EasyCardThe EasyCard, set up as an electronic transport ticket system for Taipei City and Taipei Bew City, has extended its reach to island-wide public transit, such as Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railways, intercity coach services, YouBike and  the Blue Ferry. Moreover, the card serves as a tool for small-value payments at designated shops like convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants as well as used at leisure facilities, hospitals, government agencies and library self-checkout kiosks.Taiwan Tech student and staff ID cards come with an EasyCard function.