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(CHI) Group Insurance for newly arrived students

What is the Cathay Health Insurance? 

The Cathay Health Insurance (CHI) is a group insurance plan that NTUST offers to international students. Newly arrived international degree students have to join the CHI, unless they can prove that they are covered by another international medical insurance plan for the first six months after their arrival in Taiwan. Exchange students who have not yet bought an international insurance are given the option to join the Cathay Health Insurance scheme.

How to apply?

You can sign up at the OIA on the day of enrolment at Taiwan Tech. it is not possible to purchase this insurance scheme while you are still in your home country.  

Fees and Validity

The premium is included in the Tuition & Miscellaneous fee that you have to pay upon registration at the OIA.

Premium: NT$3,000* for 6 months (*subject to adjustments)

The insurance is initiated after all necessary documents/data are provided to Cathay Insurance Company by the OIA, and will be valid for six months. Fees for medical visits or treatments that occur after the expiry date of the insurance plan will not be reimbursed.

Coverage policy

CHI covers expenses of outpatient, emergency and inpatient treatments caused by illness or injury, but reimbursements are capped. For details, please click here.

Not included in the coverage:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Intrinsic diseases and their treatment
  • Food and nutrition fees in hospitals
  • Health checks or exams that is not relevant to illness or injury
  • Nursing or care-giving fees
  • Pregnancy, abortion and reproduction
  • Illness caused by applicants’ deliberate acts, commit criminal or using illegal drugs

How to claim reimbursement

The insurance covers medical treatment provided by the hospitals specified by the insurance company ONLY. Please make sure that you go to one of the National Health Insurance covered hospitals or clinics if you are seeking medical treatment.

You will have to pay the fees first. Be sure to get a receipt and a medical certificate that details the treatment and clinic dates with the doctor’s signature or stamp. Tell the doctor that you need the documents to claim insurance benefits.

You can claim reimbursement through the OIA within a period of six months after the medical expenses occurred. Please prepare the following documents and submit to OIA:

  1. Application form (the form is in Chinese; please refer to this sample for filling it out in English)
  2. A medical certificate by the doctor (”診斷證明” in Chinese), which needs to have the stamp of the clinic or hospital)
  3. Payment receipt (original or a certified copy.)
  4. Photocopy of the applicant’s bank book
  5. Photocopy of Passport/ARC 

If a treatment requires several medical visits, you may use one application form to claim reimbursements, but please make sure that all the dates are showing on the medical certificate issued by the clinic/ hospital.