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Promote Taiwan Tech! Become a Taiwan Tech video star!




The “Meet the Students” video project is managed by The Foundation for International

Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET), an organization under the Ministry by Education. This project creates video interviews with international students who are currently studying in Taiwan and wish to share their experiences of living and learning in Taiwan. The interviews will help students around the world better understand Taiwan’s higher education system and study opportunities.  

Here is the link to a recent Taiwan Tech Promotion Video:


Moritz Sontheimer, doctoral student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering was featured in 2021.

And here you can watch some more videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfoYYVf719WX_2hHmGg_Uu7YoxhbupOvO

This year, we would like to invite IATP students to join the project. If you are interested in being the protagonist of the video and promoting Taiwan Tech to international students around the world, please apply!



Eligibility: All IATP students.

How to apply: Fill out the questionnaire

Application Period: From now until Friday, June 17 at 17:00.

Selection: The OIA will conduct a preliminary screening and select three candidates; the final selection will be done by the OIA and the director of the IATP

Note: No fee will be paid for this video shooting, but a NTUST cap, T-shirt and lunch will be given to the students on the day of the shooting. The shooting date will be in the Winter term, the shooting will take a whole day and you will need about 2 hours for preparation.

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