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What is Taiwan Tech Summer School ?

The Taiwan Tech Summer School was held for the first time in August 2019, and has since then become a regular event within the programs and activities offered by Taiwan Tech – even during the Covid 19- pandemic. 


Organized by the Office of International Affairs in cooperation with the College of Engineering, the summer school provides multidisciplinary courses related to practical smart technologies which have been applied in the development of sustainable cities. Courses cover several fields, i.e., Material, Environment, Disaster Prevention, Industry 4.0, Building Technology, and Management, and offer an overview of the relationship between Smart Technologies and Sustainable Cities. In addition to lectures and projects based on PBL (Problem-based learning), our program includes field trips and cultural tours in Taiwan to make summer school an enriching experience for all participants.


2020 Taiwan Tech Summer School during the Covid -19 pandemic

While the Covid-19 epidemic has made international events impossible, Taiwan Tech decided to go ahead with this program. The program was reduced to a one-week event and the main target groups for this “Corona” summer school were Taiwan students from senior high schools and vocational training institutions, and international students enrolled at Taiwan Tech. The idea was to invite high school students to our campus to let them get a taste of Taiwan Tech's academic and living environment, while our international students were hired as group leaders who would introduce them to campus life and provide an international experience - including communication in English.

The program had two parts: The first four days, held on the Taiwan Tech campus,  was the academic program with courses and workshops on Smart Technology and Sustainable City, all taught in English by Taiwan Tech professors. On the weekend, participants moved to the campus of National Dong Hwa University in Hualian to take part in the Summer Walking Hualian Camp. 


Download: Program Taiwan Tech Summer School 2020


Download: 2019 Taiwan Tech Summer School Students' Handbook


~ ~ More information about 2021 Taiwan Tech Summer School will be announced soon ~ ~


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