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【Forward Message】Online Courses 2022 at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen would like to inform you about an exciting opportunity for students regarding our interactive Online Courses:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Industry 4.0
    in February 2022 | registration before December 13, 2021

Tuition: 1,194 €

  • Agile Innovation 
    in March 2022 | registration before January 10, 2022

Tuition: 1,194 €

RWTH Aachen has prepared a folder with the information about the programs. Feel free to download the folders until December 13, 2021.

 pictures and texts to visualize the programs' content
an information sheet about our upcoming online courses
a brochure about all Short Courses in general (online and on campus)

For more details, please refer to : https://159529.seu2.cleverreach.com/c/65606923/36ca1008251-r3e3se/website

Interested candidates should register directly to RWTH Aachen.

OIA, Taiwan Tech.


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