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【Forwarded Message】TU Berlin Winter University Online 2022 are now open


TU Berlin Winter University Online 2022 are now open!

The Winter University runs for four weeks from January 3rd-28th, 2022. All courses commence with one week of reading and preparation (to be completed on-demand), followed by three weeks of online studies including live lectures, tutorials and group work. All courses are accredited with 6 ECTS.

The Winter University includes a digital cultural program, where participants will have the chance to get to know their international peers, meet representatives of local organisations’ and gain an insight into life in the city of Berlin.

Participants can choose from the following courses:

Space Mission Design

Data Science with Python

Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Programming in Java

Foundations of Design Thinking

Courses cost 980 Euro for current students and Early Birds receive a discount of 50€ if they register before November 1st.

Keep up to date on our online program on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more details, please refer to : www.tu-berlin.de/summer_university/


Contact:  Ms. Irene HO, irene72@mail.ntust.edu.tw, Office of International Affairs, Taiwan Tech


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