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【Reg. before Jun 11】International Summer Course , German, University of Bremen

The University of Bremen offers 2 online German courses for the duration of two weeks and one course for the duration of four weeks.

Please find attached the course information in German and English.

The websites for the courses, both in German and English, are online as well.

German: https://www.fremdsprachenzentrum-bremen.de/1411.0.html?&L=0

English: https://www.fremdsprachenzentrum-bremen.de/1418.0.html?&L=1

Cost: Euro 390~ 680. 

Please register directly to the host and inform Ms. Irene HO at irene72@mail.ntust.edu.tw if you wish to register to this program by June 11th. For detailed information, you may contact (summerschools@fra-uas.de).
OIA, Taiwan Tech

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