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【Forward Message】International Career Fair 2022

International Career Fair 2022

International Career Fair 2022 is coming to the National Taiwan University on April 22nd, organized by the Taipei Computer Association, National Taiwan University, OIA NTUOIA and startup incubator STARTBOARD for a comprehensive job search event!

The recruiters include Acer, eCloudvalley, GROUP UP Industrial, Neurelli, ITRI, and Ubiik. Yallvend.

These recruiters will be presenting on their open positions, and setting up booths to take your resume! Additionally, there's an International Talent Presentation & Panel, where foreign talents from Malaysia and Indonesia who has been working in Taiwan will share their experiences and tips on work permit application, job hunting, and working in Taiwan.

Mark your calendar for Friday, April 22nd

At the Liang Kuo Shu International Conference Hall (臺灣大學社科院梁國樹會議廳)

All international talents interested in job searching or just want to network with these companies are welcome to join this event!

Register here: https://seminars.tca.org.tw/D91d00025.aspx

*Agenda items and attendance capacity are subject to continuous changes due to COVID-19.



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