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【Forwarded Message】2021 5G Innovation Challenge


Hi, this is Phoebe from Institute for Information Industry(iii). It is my great pleasure to introduce you the 2nd year of [5G Innovation Challenge]. This year the competition is still open for contestants from all backgrounds, which provides a great opportunity to interact with like-minds, cultivate a powerful network, and engage with distinguished professionals.

There are two groups in the competition, namely the Implementation Group and the Concept Group. (Students from non-scientific backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the concept group.), and the extension deadline for submissions is 30 July 12:00pm. The registration can be finished online; since the forms should be written in Mandarin, foreign contestants are encouraged to team up with Taiwanese students.

For the prizes of the competition, besides the regular ones, there are also bonus prizes from our sponsors, including:

1. Gold Sponsor award *1: NTD. 60,000

2. Platinum Sponsor award *3: NTD. 30,000

3. Finalist award: NTD. 5000/per team

Total Prizes Over NTD.1,200,000

Additionally, we offer a chance of winning Nintendo Switch + Ring Fit once you register successfully before 15 July. Due to the high expected participation rate, teams are encouraged to register early for the competition.

🔎 Official Websites: https://mobilehero.com/en/fivegplus 

5G Innovation Challenge Intro https://reurl.cc/VE4k86

How to Sign-up https://reurl.cc/XWm7ja

For more information regarding contest registration, contest rules, and awards selection, please contact Phoebe Huang.

02-6638-9600 #31



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