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【Application deadline 13 May 2021】Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences Virtual Academic Short Term Program


This year, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences will hold its first ever Virtual Academic Short Term Program. 

The course is called European Finance (6 ECTS) and is divided into 4 dynamic units, which aim to lay the groundwork for a solid knowledge base of the banking and finance sector in Europe: Banking in Europe, Central Banking in the Eurozone, European Economic Integration, and Financial Institutions in Europe. There will be additional online social gatherings and workshops, to give students a chance to get to know one another, become acquainted with Frankfurt, and develop their intercultural communication skills. Attached please find the more detailed course outline.

  • Course duration: June 28th until July 9th, 2021, with pre-course and post-course meetings taking place the week prior to and after the course. 

The classes will take place in the morning Frankfurt time (UTC+2).

  • Program tuition: 1.200 Euro. All students proceeding from our partners are eligible for a partial scholarship on the program fee of 1.000 Euro.
  • Participants: Maximum: 25 participants.

All relevant information are posted online website here

Please inform Ms. Irene HO at irene72@mail.ntust.edu.tw if you wish to register to this program by May 13th. For detailed information, you may contact (summerschools@fra-uas.de).

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