Guide to Enter Taiwan for 2022 Fall Smemster Guide to Enter Taiwan for 2022 Fall Smemster
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Last updated:  17 August 2022

Designated arrival date

Please choose one day from the following dates to arrive in Taiwan: August 25, 26 / September 1, 2, 15, 16, 29, 30 / October 6, 7

Border controls
  • Arrive at Taoyuan Airport only!
  • Arrivals from Vietnam will be required to provide a result from a rapid antigen test taken within six hours prior to boarding
  • PCR testing: deep-throat saliva samples will be collected from arrivals for PCR testing at the airport on the day of arrival.
  • At-home rapid tests: two rapid test kits will be given to arrivals by workers at international airports upon arrival; arrivals can use the test kits when symptoms occur during quarantine and before they go out for the first time during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

3-day quarantine


4-day self-initiated epidemic prevention period

You will need to undergo 3 days of quarantine and 4 days of self-initiated epidemic prevention period in the SAME HOTEL. It is prohibited to enter the campus during this period. One person in one room. No sharing room!

Epidemic preventions rules to follow during the 4 days of the self-initiated epidemic prevention period:

  1. Avoid going outside unless necessary. 
  2. A negative result from an at-home rapid test taken within two days should be presented if an arrival needs to go out to work or buy daily necessities.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times when outside and social distancing must be maintained.
  4. Avoid going to crowded venues or contacting nonspecific persons.
  5. Non-urgent medical services or examinations should be postponed.
Time period example for 3+4



Arrival date

Quarantine period

self-initiated epidemic prevention period

Quarantine Hotel Check-in & Check-out Dates

Entry campus date

Aug. 25 Aug.25 - Aug. 28 Aug.29 - Sep. 1 Aug. 25 - Sep. 2 Sep. 2
Aug. 26 Aug. 26 - Aug. 29 Aug. 30 - Sep. 2 Aug. 26 - Sep. 3 Sep. 3
Sep.  1 Sep. 1 - Sep. 4 Sep. 5 - Sep. 8 Sep.  1 - Sep. 9 Sep. 9
Sep.  2 Sep. 2 - Sep. 5 Sep. 6 - Sep. 9 Sep.  2 - Sep. 10 Sep. 10
Sep. 15 Sep.15 - Sep. 18 Sep. 19 - Sep. 22 Sep.  15 - Sep. 23 Sep. 23
Sep. 16 Sep. 16 - Sep. 19 Sep. 20 - Sep. 23 Sep.  16 - Sep. 24 Sep. 24
Sep. 29 Sep. 29 - Oct. 2 Oct. 3 - Oct. 6 Sep.  29 - Oct. 7 Oct. 7
Sep. 30 Sep. 30 - Oct. 3 Oct. 4 - Oct. 7 Sep.  30 - Oct. 8 Oct. 8
Oct. 6 Oct. 6 - Oct. 9 Oct. 10 - Oct. 13 Oct.  6 - Oct. 14 Oct. 14
Oct. 7 Oct. 7 - Oct. 10 Oct. 11 - Oct. 14 Oct.  7 - Oct. 15 Oct. 15




After having the visa, please complete the following steps one by one

Step 1

Book a quarantine hotel & flight ticket (Please choose one day from the following dates to arrive in Taiwan: September 1, 2, 15, 16, 29, 30 / October 6, 7)

It is strongly recommended that the arriving students stay in Taipei city’s quarantine hotel for two reasons: 1. The University could only provide information about medical treatment in Taipei city if you tested positive during the quarantine period; 2. To avoid long-distance traveling in any kind of public transportations once you finish the 3+4.

Step 2

Complete the Arrival Survey 

Arrival date

The deadline to submit the Arrival Survey

Oct. 6 Sep. 25
Oct. 7 Sep. 25

The OIA will apply for your Entry Permit from the Ministry of Education upon receiving your information from the Arrival Survey. Please note that arriving students will NOT be able to enter Taiwan without holding the Entry Permit. It might take at least 7 working days to issue an Entry Permit, so please do complete the Survey by the deadline to make sure that the document can be issued in time. The OIA will surely email the Entry Permit to you once we receive it, please refrain from asking! Thank you.

Step 3 Inform Ms. Issabel once you filled in the survey



  • Financial support

The Taiwan government and Taiwan Tech offer quarantine subsidies to international students who are going to start their studies at Taiwan Tech in the Fall Semester of 2022. You are eligible to apply for two types of compensation:

  1. Taiwan Government Quarantine Compensation (港、澳生不適用,其他國家之僑生適用之) 

Eligibility: Students who are holding a Resident Visa (for study purposes) will be eligible to apply for quarantine compensation of NTD 1000/day (total NTD 3000), after receiving their Alien Resident Certificate (ARC card). For more information on the application process, please click here.

The government compensation will probably take one or two months or even longer to be deposited into your Taiwan bank account (you will need to open a Taiwan bank account to receive the compensation), so please prepare enough financial recourses to pay for the quarantine facility and registration fees upon enrollment at Taiwan Tech.

Please note that there are two situations that the arrival international students would NOT be eligible to apply for government compensation:

  • Students who are holding a Visitor Visa;
  • Students who have a positive result on the deep-throat saliva test upon arrival.

  1. Taiwan Tech Quarantine Subsidy of NTD 3,500: You can apply for the Taiwan Tech subsidy in addition to the Taiwan government subsidy. Please note that a 3,500 NTD subsidy is the maximum amount you may receive. The payment of the Taiwan Tech subsidy will be based on your actual expenditure for the room fare in the quarantine facility after deducting the government subsidy. If your actual expenditure is less than 3,500 NTD, you will be reimbursed exactly for the amount. You will need to show the original receipt from the quarantine facility to apply for the payment of the Taiwan Tech subsidy.
  • NTUST Scholarship Recipients: If you are an NTUST Scholarship recipient, you will receive your first scholarship stipend three weeks after the OIA receives details of your bank account (Taiwan Postal Savings Account). In other words, scholarship recipients will NOT be able to use scholarship stipends for quarantine and registration fees.
  • Transportation fees are NOT included in the subsidy. You are responsible to pay for the transportation fee from the airport to the quarantine facility, from the quarantine facility to self-health management accommodation, and to Taiwan Tech.



Check List Before Boarding



Health insurance It is highly recommended to buy a private health insurance plan that covers the period of your stay in Taiwan. It is also possible to buy health insurance at the Office of International Affairs which is NTD 3000 for 6 months.
Quarantine measures required for inbound passengers Fill in the Quarantine System for Entry 48 hours before your arrival: Link

Surgical face masks

Bring your own supply (for four weeks at least)

Rapid antigen test result  Arrivals from Vietnam will be required to provide a result from a rapid antigen test taken within six hours prior to boarding


With a validity of at least six months


A Resident Visa for the purpose of the study.

E-files for online ARC-card application

Prepare e-files (PDF, JPEG) of your passport, visa, NTUST Admission Letter, and a two-inch color photo (a biometric photo as required for passports)

Entry Permit Certificate

OIA will email you this document. Please print it out and carry it with you.

Declaration of Apply for the Mobile Phone Number (click to download)

Students who are under 20 years old will need to present this document for buying Taiwan mobile phone sim card. 

If the legal representative provides his/her ID no., please make a copy of the ID card. If the legal representative provides his/her passport no., please make a copy of the passport

Credit Card

MasterCard and Visa are widely used in Taiwan. A credit card will be needed for online payment of the ARC-card fee.

Electronic devices Please bring your own computer, communication, and consumer electronics products 3C products, charger, adaptor, or converter. 


You will need to purchase a Taiwan prepaid SIM card upon arrival, to pay for transportation to and from the quarantine facility, the quarantine fee, and registration fee are cash. Please bring a sufficient amount of New Taiwan Dollars (about US$2,000).

Google Chat

You will be notified to join the group of Google Chat Please establish a Gmail account and join the group before departure so that we can contact you when you arrive in Taiwan.


The Steps to Enter Taiwan Upon Arrival


MOE staff will be waiting for you at the ARRIVAL GATE. Please DO NOT walk away without meeting the staff.

2 The MOE staff will take you to purchase a prepaid SIM card at a Telecom company booth.


Complete the Quarantine System for Entry and submit it to the CDC system for review

4 Immigration clearance
5 Currency exchange and baggage claim


Entry inspection & mandatory saliva PCR test


You will have to use special “epidemic-prevention taxis” to get from the airport to your quarantine facilities. The taxi fare is calculated by the meter. The taxi fare ranges from NTD 1,000 to NTD 3,500 depending on the location of your quarantine hotel.



  • How to get to Taiwan Tech:
  • Upon arrival at Taiwan Tech, you could go to either the dorm management center to check in to your dorm room and settle down your luggage, or, go to the Office of International Affairs to start onsite registration.
  • Onsite registration in the Office of International Affairs: Please go to the Office of International Affairs, which is located on the 4F floor of the International Building, between 10:00-11:30 or 14:00-16:00 for the registration procedures. Overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong and Macao, please go to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • How to apply for Taiwan Tech subsidies: After getting your Postal Savings Account, please bring the photocopy of your ARC and the passbook of your postal savings account, the Original Receipts of the quarantine hotel fees & self-health management accommodation fees to OIA. The Taiwan Tech Quarantine Subsidy & Self-health Management Subsidies will be deposited into your Postal Saving Account within 4- week working time upon receiving the above-mentioned documents.


Check-In Procedure

OIA Office > Health Clinic > Section of Graduate Studies > Cashier Section (to pay the insurance fee) > Department Office



  • NTUST Scholarship Recipients: How to begin receiving your monthly stipend?

Step 1: Apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) within 30 days after your arrival. 

ARC Application Website

Please refer to the attachment at the end of the page for the procedure of applying the ARC

Step 2: Open a postal savings account at Chunghwa Post Office. 

Taiwan Tech Branch
NTU Branch
Taipei Gongguan Branch


※ Taipei Gongguan Branch is highly recommended

Step 3: Update your ARC and Postal Saving Account information to the Student Information System

Student Information System


Step 3.1 Personal Information

Click Student Information Management -> Complete “Personal Info”, “ARC Info” and “Postal Savings Account”.

Step 3.2 Financial Support

Click International Student Scholarship -> Register your information.

In order to receive your scholarship, please make sure that all the information you provided is correct.

Ms. Grace Lee
  • National Health Insurance
  • Cathay Health Insurance
Ms. Lily Lin
  • NTUST Scholarship
  • Work Permit Applications
Mr. Robin Wang
  • ARC
  • VISA
  • Taiwan Scholarship
  • NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D. Students
Registrar Studies
  • Courses inquiry for undergraduate students
Graduate Studies
  • Courses inquiry for Master & Ph.D. students


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