Preparing for documents

Once you have been offered a place as a new international student in NTUST -  in a degree or in an exchange program - , you have to work on the following steps:

Step 1. You have to confirm the offer by submitting your reply through the online NTUST application system

Step 2. NTUST will send you an official letter of acceptance, which is required for document authentication and visa application.

Step 3. A health certificate from an accredited hospital/ medical institution in your country has to be uploaded to the NTUST application system. The health exam must be taken no more than three months before your arrival at NTUST.

Step 4. Your documents have to be authenticated at an Embassy or Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in your country. Documents that must be authenticated include the following:
      ■ One original verified document of the highest degree diploma (English version)
      ■ One original verified document of highest degree transcript (English version)
      ■ One certificate of medical and accidental insurance purchased outside Taiwan (English version) covering the period from the date of entering Taiwan to at least six months after reporting to NTUST.
      ■ One authenticated financial statement showing a minimum amount of US$16,000 to cover the costs of your stay in Taiwan (This does not apply for scholarship recipients receiving montly stipends)).

For details, please refer to the information given by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Step 5. You have to apply for a Visitor Visa or Resident Visa 
at the Embassy or Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in your country. Students admitted to a degree program need to apply for a resident visa, exchange students who will stay in Taiwan for less than 6 months have to apply for a visitor visa. Please contact the Embassy or Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in your country to find information regarding visa application procedures. If you encounter any problems during the process, please contact statt at the NTUST Office of International Affairs. 


Visa Application for Students from Designated Countries


Q: What countries are listed as “Designated countries” by BOCA in Taiwan?

A: Below is the list of designated countries.












Sri Lanka






* Nepali could apply visa only in Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India.

* Nigerian could apply visa only in Taipei Trade Office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

* Ghanaian could apply visa only in Taipei Trade Office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Q: What kind of required documents you need to prepare for applying visa?


  1. Admission letter from Taiwan Tech
  2. Authenticated financial support (If you receive the full or partial scholarship from Taiwan Tech, you could use the scholarship letter as the financial support.)
  3. Authenticated highest education diploma
  4. Authenticated transcript
  5. Authenticated health certificate within past 3 months

For detailed information, please refer to


The guidance of applying visa:

  1. Please contact your department office or advisor to assist you filling out the guarantee letter and inform us the advisor’s name. After your advisor completes the guarantee letter, please submit to OIA with the copy of staff ID.
  2. Prepare several documents which all need to be authenticated by overseas Taiwan embassy. (Please refer the link for overseas Taiwan Embassy:

Documents are: (1) financial support  (2) highest education diploma  (3) transcript (4) health certificate within past 3 months

  1. After the documents are authenticated, please scan and send the documents to OIA staff.
  2. Prepare all required documents to Taiwan Embassy for visa application in person, and then you will get an application number which starts with BV or V. Please provide the code for OIA staff.
  3. OIA will assist you submitting the scanned documents with the guarantee letter to BOCA in Taiwan. Please wait for 5 working days for examination.
  4. As soon as OIA receives the application result, you will be informed by email. You can go to the Taiwan Embassy to get the visa.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Lily Lin (Tel: 886-2-2730-3201, Email: