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Degree-seeking Students [ 2017-05-10 ]

Taiwan Tech offers an online application system for all degree-seeking students. Requirements differ depending on the program you chose (Bachelor, Master/ Ph.D., double degree program). Please check the information on application requirements, tuition fees, deadlines etc. provided here. 


Dual Degree Program [ 2017-05-10 ]

Only students who are currently enrolled with the respective partner schools are eligible for admission to those programs. You will need to contact the respective department at your home university to issue a letter of referral before you apply at Taiwan Tech.


Taiwan Tech's international exchange program targets students from our partner universities. Only students who have passed the selection process in her/his home university can apply. 


Taiwan Tech provides opportunities for students to enrich their education through exchange programs at its partner universities for one semester. Full-time students with R.O.C citizenship and full-time international degree students (i.e., overseas Chinese students, Mainland China students, and students from other countries) are eligible to apply for exchange programs.


The Taiwan Tech lab internship program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for Ph.D. students and postdocs, from abroad who are interested in doing short-term research work in Taiwan Tech. This is a non-degree program, providing researchers opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects, to make contributions to their field of research and to collaborate with other international researchers. 


Research Scholar Program [ 2018-01-03 ]

The applicant must be an international doctoral alumnus from Taiwan Tech who presently holds either a teaching position in a public or private university approved by foreign governments, or a research position in an academic organization.