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NTUST Beach clean-up competition
OIA is taking our international students to White Sand Beach for beach clean-up competition. Come join this event and learn more about the beautiful beach and it's ecology! 
Date:              July 4th, Saturday.
Time:              07:50 ~ 14:30 (Breakfast provided)
Location:        White Sand Beach (Baisha Bay), New Taipei City
Participants:   35 students and OIA coordinators
07:50:             Assemble in the front of NTUST library
08:00:             Departure (Do be on time! Coach departs on the hour!)
09:30-11:00:   Arrival & beach clean-up competition
11:00-13:00:   Free time
13:10-14:30:   Departure from White Sand Beach to NTUST 
                       (Do be on time! Coach departs on time!)
Breakfast & insurance & transportation (round trip) provided. Participants should join the entire trip and return to NTUST.
Registration deadline: June 16. A full list of participants will be announced on June 17. Participants need to provide a copy of passport (for insurance) to OIA by June 18 lunch time. Late submission will not be accepted).
Tourism information: White Sand Beach:
Participant list: "NEW" Updated on June 29.
  • Student helper: 2 students: Tariq Battat ,Chen Yau Kwan


  • Participants: 35 students
  • Marleen Hillen Nuikita Wachid Christelina Dwiputri Karina Dita Mandasari
    Cut Alna Fadhilla Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Silke Gurt Yeabsra Mekdim Hailu
    Luong Thi Kim Giang Sofiannisa Aulia Terrence Wynn Hamza  Azam
    Mojiborrahman Dehvari Luthviyah Choirotul Muhimmah Mickey van der Zouw Joshua Alexander Iskandar
    Siam Hossain Amalia Rizki Fauziah Rodiatul Adawiya Abdul Rahman Nguyen Huynh Minh Tam
    Sameer Bachani Owen Setiawan Fatriza Harim Anandita  
    Javed Ahmad Xanno Kharis sigalingging Ricky  
    Mandy Ta Mohammad Arif Batutah Grace Aloina  
    Nguyen Cao Minh Phuc Paul Elijah Setiasabda Susmitha Canny  
    Tran Thi Nguyet Ha Pham Quynh Hoa Rona nisa sofia anriza  
If there's any question, please contact Ms. Joyce Kuo and Ms. Irene Ho for more information. More information will be provided to participants 1 week before the activity.
Ms. Joyce Kuo:, 2730-3203
Ms. Irene Ho:,   2730-3202


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