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Student clubs

NTUST strongly believes that the activities of student clubs and associations are an important part of our students’ education. International students are encouraged to participate in this aspect of campus life, through their own student associations, as well as those of local students. For detailed information on the guidelines for setting up student clubs and organizing their activities, please see Chapter 6 in the International Student Handbook.

One very special local student club, the Association for International Affairs (AIA), enthusiastically pursues its goal of enabling local and international students to interact and get to know each other through both service and fun. AIA helps newly arrived international students settle into their new life at NTUST and deal with all the procedures involved in establishing their student status, as well as helping the international student associations with the arrangements for their various activities. Another important part of AIA’s mission is to organize its own large and small activities that provide opportunities for international students to learn about Taiwan’s diverse culture as well as to share their home cultural backgrounds and form friendships with local students.

International Student Associations
    The number of international students at NTUST from several countries and regions has already reached the level that allows them to set up their own official student associations. Several international student associations in NTUST are,

     Indonesian Student Association

     Indian Cultural Association

     Vietnamese Student Association

    International Muslim Student Association

International Student Participation in Student Government
The NTUST Student Government has both executive and legislative branches. The executive branch contains an International Affairs Department, primarily responsible for interaction with student governments at universities abroad and also providing help to international student associations on campus with arrangements for their activities and other needs. For the legislative branch, the Student Assembly, NTUST’s international students are allowed to elect one representative.

Club Info

AIA Association for International Affairs

AIA Powerpoint Presentation


NTUST-ISA Indonesian Student Association

NTUST-ISA Powerpoint Presentation


NTUST-VSA Vietnamese Student Association

NTUST-VSA Powerpoint Presentation


NTUST-IMSA International Muslim Student Association

NTUST-IMSA Powerpoint Link


Regulations Governing Student Organization Assessment (Click to Download)

A set of regulations to to  evaluate the annual performance of student organizations, and to promote the advancement and development of their activities


Funding Guidelines for Student Clubs
OIA Guidelines for Applying for Subsidies and Other Assistance for International
   Student Activities

SAO Guidelines for Subsidizing the Expenses of NTUST Student Club Activities

Various Digital Forms for Student Club Activities
Activity Performance Result Report Form
Budget for Activity Expenses Form
Final Expense Report Form
International Student Competition Award Certificate Application Form

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