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Inbound Exchange Student Program
Taiwan Tech's international exchange program is designed for students from our partner universities.
Interested students who have passed the selection process in her/his home university have to consult the following information and complete the application.
Semester length
1 semester = 5 months (18 consecutive teaching weeks)
Fall: mid-September ~mid/late-January
Spring: mid-Feb ~ mid/late-June      
Credit information
1 credit = 18 teaching hours, 1 course = 2 or 3 credits 
Each course lasts a semester (18 weeks )
1 credit is usually equal to 1.6 ~ 3 ECTS credits (depends on home university)
Level of Exchange
for courses
Minimum Credits or Course Selection per Semester



9 credits. Students can take courses in different departments.
*A new program in College of Engineering offers English-taught courses.

Chinese/ English

1 course. Students can take courses in different departments.

Chinese/ English

1 course. Students can take courses in different departments. 

Orientation information

            Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 (download)    /      Fact Sheet 2018-2019 (download
"NEW"  For Spring Semester 2019:  
                The first day of class: February 18th, 2019.                Last day of class: June 21st, 2019.
        Mid-term exam week: April 15th ~ 19th, 2019.          Final exam week: June 17th ~ 21th, 2019
                Important Notice (download)
                Course Selection Regulation (download)
                 Exchange Student Orientation & registration procedure: 
  • Date and time: February 14th at noon 12: 00. Location: International Building IB-401 (4th floor)


  • Registration:  Registration procedures are to be done on orientation day and will last for 1 week. 


  • Course Registration
  • (1) to be selected by the students via the online system before arrival. More information on course selection information will be announced. 
  • (2) to be selected by the students via the online system during the first two weeks of semester start. More information on course selection information will be announced.


  • Course dropping
  •  (1) Via the online system during the first two weeks of the semester start. (2) Between April 29th and May 16th (17:00) manually.
For Fall Semester 2018:  
            Important Notice for 2018 fall  (download)          /      Course selection regulation (download)
                                Orientation PPT- OIA (download)      / Orientation PPT- Course selection (download)
               Interculture Communication PPT (download)    /  Orientation PPT- from AIA (download)
                                     Host Family registration: Link       / Taipei Walking Tour: Link
"NEW"  Second Course dropping period: Nov 19th to Dec 6th (by 17:00)
Exchange Student Orientation & registration procedure: 
  • Date and time: 12:00 ~ 13:30 lunchtime on Friday, September 7th, 2018 (light meal provided)
  • Location: AU Hall  (Located in the center of the campus (orange color), click here to see the map)


        The first day of class: September 10th, 2018.                Last day of class: January 11th, 2019.
Mid-term exam week: November 5th ~ 9th, 2018.         Final exam week: January 7th ~ 11th, 2019

Course information

Course catalog: Link to course catalog ) Course list is usually available 1 or 2 months prior to semester start. Specific course selection regulation will be sent to the student by email in late June/ January.
  • Course selection (pre-selection & during first 2 weeks of arrival): Students could add/ drop/ change classes on arrival during the first 2 weeks via online course selection system.

Housing information


  • Due to heavy demand for dorm & dorm renovation plan, Taiwan Tech is not able to provide you with a place to stay during your exchange period with us. Students are advised to find housing by themselves. These flats are not provided by the University but by landlords who use the platforms. 


  • Recommended website for house rental: Suggested area: NTNU, NTU, Gongguan MRT Station. Reasonable rate per person per month is between NT$ 7000- NT$ 14000, according to room types and location

Application information

Students who wish to join our exchange program should be nominated by the home university with their names, e-mail, study level, and year of study.
After the nomination is received by our coordinator, nominated students will receive a link for application procedure between October & November / April 15th.
All application materials are to be uploaded to the application system before deadline November 15th / May 15th
Contact Person: Ms. Irene HO,
Application Deadline
Application for the spring semester: November 15th
Application for the fall semester: May 15th
Application Result 
Application result will be sent to students and coordinators by email in late December/ late June.
A scanned copy of the Letter of Acceptance could be downloaded by applicants and coordinator of the home university in late December / late June.
NOTICE: We are not able to guarantee everyone's acceptance as all application will be evaluated by faculty committees. Please do not arrange your flight tickets unless you receive an official Letter of Acceptance from Taiwan Tech, NTUST

Visa information

Visa Application  
For those who are accepted to Taiwan Tech, please visit the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa application.
Website: Students are strongly recommended to apply for a visa before arrival (for study purpose), those who failed to apply for visa might be rejected to enter Taiwan.
  • Visitor’s Visa: For those who will stay in Taiwan for no more than 6 months.


  • Resident Visas: For those who will study in Taiwan for more than 6 months.


  • Alien Resident Certificate (ARC): For those who will study in Taiwan for more than 6 months. Students need to apply for their ARC within 15 days from the day after arrival, otherwise, a fine will be applied to the student by visa office. Please visit the National Immigration Agency website for application information:
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