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The FAQ on Your Application

When is the best time for application?

We conduct the admission process twice a year. The best time to apply for entering fall semester is from March through June, while for spring semester is from October to December.

What are the requirements to apply for the international graduate program?

The basic requirements are: (1) minimum international TOEFL score is 550; (2) minimum GPA is 3.0; (3) provide a complete set of documents as described in the application procedure.

Keep in mind that the more achievement records you include with your application, the greater the chances of your being accepted will be.

Is an interview required for general admission?

No. However, some special admissions situations require an interview for admission. Usually, such interviews are conducted once a year at our worldwide partner universities which have official cooperation with NTUST.

How does NTUST evaluate student application?

We evaluate your application based on your TOEFL score and GPA, previous university of origin, academic achievement and goals, extracurricular activities and interests.

How can I get financial support for my study?

We provide two types of scholarship for international students worldwide. For more information about scholarships and financial aid please click here


I have questions about filling out the postal savings account application forms!

Samples of these forms are provided; please click  "Savings Account Application Form," "Visa & ATM Application Form,"  "Deposit Form,"  "Passbook."


How can I get a room to live in?

We provide student dormitories for international students. However students are free to live outside campus by renting an apartment or room. For more information about housing please click here.

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