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Orientation Slide for New Students

 2018 Fall Semester Orientation

 2018 Spring Semester Orientation


International Student Handbook

 2019 International Student Handbook


NTUST Scholarship

 Guidelines for National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Scholarship Available for International Graduate Students

More Information about NTUST Scholarship

NTUST Scholarship Recipient Mid-Term Report

Renewal of NTUST Scholarship Application Form


Taiwan Scholarship

Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines - Ministry of Education
Guidelines for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan Scholarship Program

Guidelines for the MOST Taiwan Scholarship Program

Plane Ticket Application Form for MOFA Scholarship Recipients


Financial Aid

Financial Aid for International Students Scholarship (For Current Students Only)
■ International Students Financial Aid Application Form


NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D. Students 

■ Application Guidelines for Continuing International Ph.D. Students

Scholarship Application Form Download



Funding Guidelines for Student Clubs

OIA Guidelines for Applying for Subsidies and Other Assistance for International
   Student Activities

■ SAO Guidelines for Subsidizing the Expenses of NTUST Student Club Activities


Various Digital Forms for Student Club Activities

Activity Performance Result Report Form
Budget for Activity Expenses Form
Final Expense Report Form
International Student Competition Award Certificate Application Form



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